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The National Coalition on Education Equity design is built to include state and federal leadership within departments of education, nonprofit education and equity organizations, foundations, corporations, legislative bodies, civil rights organizations and educational administrators and practitioners. The Coalition’s design includes 5 overarching working groups— Curriculum, Instruction and Staffing, Health and Wellness, School Climate and Safety, Equity Indicators and Legislation and Policy, which influences and affects all of the other four groups.

The Equity Institute Professional Summit model, to be held annually, will provide an invaluable link for practitioners, researchers, and legislators, between theory and practice to improve learning outcomes, experiences and equitable access to resources and support for Black and Brown children. This work will include sharing the latest evidence-based findings, including the most recent school data studied and analyzed by scholars, that inform teachers’ and administrators’ daily work and practice and proposing ideas for legislation and education policy. The institute will select those practitioners with a proven track record of efficacy with African American, Latinx and other diverse students.

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