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Featured Panel Discussions:   

  • The Top 5 Most Pressing Challenges Facing African American Education Since Brown. Although the Brown decision ushered in school integration, African American education still continues to encounter challenges 70 years after that decision. If we concentrated our attention on a limited number of high priority challenges facing African American education, what issues should be on that short list?

  • Promoting Black Student Achievement in the 21st Century. While the educational settings have changed for African American students, have we seen a correlative improvement in black student achievement?  

  • The Role of Higher Education in Preparing Future Teachers to Be Advocates for Black K-12 Students. Higher education plays a vital role in preparing teachers to meet the unique needs of African American students. However, are colleges of education actually training future classroom practitioners to address the needs of today's Black students?

  • Cultivating Future Leaders in the Black Community. Each generation passes the cultural and aspirational torch on to the next. Are we adequately preparing the next generation of Black leaders for the mounting challenges of the future?  

  • Legislation for Our Future. Legislation continues to be an obstacle to African American progress. How can we craft (political, educational, and financial) policies that will benefit African Americans in general and African American education specifically? What new policies are needed immediately? 

  • Collaborating with Civil Rights Organizations and Community Leaders to Improve Educational Outcomes for Black Students. The Civil Rights movement paved the way for significant educational reforms. How do we utilize community leaders and Civil Rights organizations to continue improving African American education nationally and locally today?

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