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2022 Annual Equity Conference

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Now an Option

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The 2022 NCCOE Equity Conference will offer sessions for educational leaders to engage and collaborate with one another on the following topics:

  • Social and Emotional Learning: Examine practices, policies, and conditions that hinder student belonging and inhibit the academic and social and emotional well-being of culturally, racially and linguistically diverse students

  • Culturally Responsive Practice: Learn key practices for developing educators' culturally responsive practice through co-constructed school-community learning experiences

  • Strategic Resource Planning: Deepen your understanding of how to leverage federal stimulus funds, as well as additional state funding, to create or expand existing district wide efforts to accelerate student learning

  • Leading with Equity: Explore what state and local policymakers must do next to advance equity-focused policies to support improved student learning post-COVID 19 

The Equity Conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Hyatt Regency. Click above to register now.

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